Published: 7 November 2023

On Saturday 14th October, St Lukes’ church in Hillmarton Road held an Eco-Fair to reach out to the local community and to showcase some of the activities which go on at St Lukes.

Alongside the church services, activities at St Lukes include singing and gardening. They have an eco-group interested in all things to help with climate change, which was the theme of the event. The fair also included stalls about growing sustainable food and a bicycle repair workshop available on the day, as well as representatives from Vox Holloway and other local groups.

The Holloway Park team helped out with the tombola for the day, as well as meeting local residents and talking to them about the development. We enjoyed meeting everyone, and St Lukes raised £600 for running costs during the day. If you are interested in finding out more about what goes on there, try their website for more information.

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